Personal Assessment

Personal Assessment

Ready to make the most of who you are?

We believe that the value of assessments is enhanced with coaching that supports you more fully leveraging increased self-knowledge and understanding of your innate strengths and opportunities for growth. Wright Choice Group is committed to assisting you in finding your place of highest and best contribution. Our business partnership with Internal Impact as a Taylor Protocols Value Added Relationship (VAR) Representative allows us to offer our coaching and consulting clients the Core Value Index SM (CVI). This unique instrument provides a highly accurate and reliable picture of your core motivational drivers with an instant online report. With increased self-knowledge, you can take meaningful action to improve your personal leadership and increased effectiveness in the leadership of others. Our talent management tools can assist you in achieving improved ROP SM (Return on People) that can lead to an increase in your ROI (Return on Investment) by allowing you to create more choice in your life and career, improve your human capital utilization, skill development and workforce climate if you lead others.

You are ten minutes away from your CVI Profile Report:

  • Discover your innate core values
  • Your wired-in Human Operating System
  • Your six types of contribution
  • Your negative conflict strategies
  • Your deepest fears

Three options for leveraging the CYI for your success:

  1. Purchase the CVI and receive a full report with suggestions for making the most of your profile $49.99.
  2. Contact us to see if you qualify for a complimentary CVI (FREE for senior executives only.)
  3. CVI Plus Coaching Package provides even more value by pairing you with an executive coach who can help you make the most of your CORE Values Index. Contact us for pricing that includes the CVI.

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