Beverley is a genius at asking the questions that will make individuals, teams, and leaders think! I've seen her bring to the forefront those not so popular topics, ideas, situations that are tough to raise but necessary to ensure forward movement. She lives a life of service, always seeking out ways to help the masses (regardless of their background). I absolutely recommend her as a coach and/or mentor!

Laquisha Pinkston
Sales Executive, IBM

I know Bev Wright to be a wise woman. Her calm demeanor and depth of insight makes her a great colleague, coach and friend. I highly recommend Bev if you're looking for someone to coach you to achieve greater self-awareness and desired results.

Marsha Clark
Marsha Clark & Associates

Beverley is an outstanding professional and dynamic leader. I have worked with Bev in a variety of positions over the past 35 years including a period of time as her manager. She focuses on her clients, employees, executives and teammates. Bev is a masterful coach and leader who uses a variety of leadership styles to fit given situations which consistently deliver outstanding results. I highly recommend Bev as an executive coach and for any leadership position she pursues.

Barbara Yarbrough
Talent Management Executive - Technology Company

I've worked with Bev in many capacities including her role as coach. Bev possesses that rare combination of people-focused intuition and business savvy. When she asks a question in that calm, knowing way of hers, be prepared to gain new insights about yourself. Her passion for helping other people set and attain meaningful goals for themselves is inspirational, and her results with executives in a work setting, is a benchmark against which all others should be measured.

Christine Barnes
HR Business Partner - Oracle

Beverley, is a great results oriented business coach with the ability to inspire and motivate all levels of executives. She is personable and has the highest integrity.

Jacob Miles

Simply stated, Beverley is phenomenal. She demands, drives and derives the best from her clients, holding everyone accountable for their own development and actions. It isn't easy finding a career coach, but finding the RIGHT coach is even more difficult. Coach Bev is THE RIGHT Coach! Her clientele are diverse in their goals, aspirations, "DNA" and needs, yet she's able to balance them all. Coach Bev knows who SHE is, and is thereby able to serve as a compass for her clients, guiding them with confidence and conviction.

Even more compelling are the results she yields her clients and the teams that they support. Whether it involves individuals or teams, Coach Bev finds ways to levy results that move an organization in the right direction.

It has been a pleasure to work closely with her, learn from her, develop myself and my organizations, all in a manner that's afforded me much personal and professional success. I am who I am, in great part, due to the many lessons and exercises that she imparted to me throughout the years.

She's a winner, just talk to her.

John J I Chisholm

Beverley is a consummate professional who stands out as a leader in the areas of coaching, mentoring, professional development and diversity. Bev has a consistent track record of being a champion locally, nationally and internationally for coaching and diversity. Bev works tirelessly to promote the value of increasing diversity awareness in the business and personal arenas, as well as, the benefits that leaders and organizations can derive from developing greater coaching capabilities.

Lawrence Epps Jr.
Managing Principal, Convergency Partners, LLC

Beverley approaches coaching with absolute passion and sincerity. She truly desires to help people reach their full potential, both personally and professionally. Beverley has a very inclusive leadership, coaching and mentoring style. Her approach allows clients to determine practical solutions, tactics and strategies to the issues they are facing. I would highly recommend Beverley to any individual or organization.

Julie Armendariz

Beverley is an extremely reliable and supportive coach who has the ability to ask that penetrating question which stimulates thought. She is warm, sincere, and genuine. Her "real world' experience combined with excellent listening and communication skills, make her an invaluable resource to leverage. She has been a definite catalyst of success for me over the years both professionally and personally.

Ramsey Bradberry
Sales Manager - IBM

Beverley is one of just a handful of people who have had a profound positive impact on me and the organization I work for. Her genuine commitment to the growth of people is unparalleled.

Connie Armbrust
Certified Coach and Learning Consultant

Beverley and I are both Executive Coaches and engaged in a Peer Coaching Relationship for more than a year. Beverly's insights drawn from a wide ranged professional and life experience helped me to change perspectives on my issues. Her approach provided me with such clarity that lead to questions which I needed to ask - myself!

Klaus Zepuntke
Owner, KLAZEPT Coaching & Training

I've had the honor of working with Beverley in many different roles at IBM. I reported directly to Bev for one year when I focused on recruiting top talent to IBM. Once I became a sales manager, I leveraged Bev as a coach for my team. I also serve as a member of the DFW Diversity Council led by Bev today. Bev has always acted as a source of inspiration to those around her. She has the ability to help people see issues from many directions with an open mind, while guiding them towards solutions from within. If you ask Bev, "What time is it?" She will teach you to build a clock. I would recommend Bev as a professional or life coach without hesitation.

Stacy Coppola
Client Sales Manager, IBM

I met Beverley through Leadership Dallas in 1999. I value her insight, experience and practicality. She is a caring, sincere listener and a motivating force when you’re in a slump. I’m very grateful to know her both personally and professionally.

Harriet J. McClure
President, H. Jackson Properties

I have known Beverley for several years and have worked with her in different community initiatives. Her ability to not only strategize in a visionary manner but also to make sure that what her team promises is delivered has been an inspiration to all of us that have had the honor of working with her. She is a persuasive communicator because she knows her audience, can identify with them and speaks from the heart. It is my priviledge to recommend Beverley.”

Jay Forte
CEO, American Language Technologies, Inc.

Over the past twelve years, Beverly Wright has been a friend, coach, informal mentor and career manager in my professional and personal life. During this time I have found Beverley to be one of the most creative problem-solvers, outstanding leaders and career coaches that I know. Beverley demonstrates a high degree of loyalty, clear communication and straightforwardness in her approach to mentoring. I believe Beverley can wholeheartedly energize and motivate any staff member, at any level within a corporation. I am pleased to have the opportunity of providing a recommendation for Beverley and would be happy to answer any additional questions you might have regarding her role as a coach. Thanks

David Solsberry
Client Representative - Microsoft

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

““The YWCA Southwest Delta Region was privileged to have Beverley Alridge Wright present at its 2012 Young Women and Staff Summit: Strong and Fearless Leaders for the Future. Her advanced perspective of coaching and mentoring is cutting edge for future leaders. Beverley’s keynote was pure brilliance, incorporating a free enriched coaching demonstration for an attending volunteer. Drawing in the majority of summit attendees to her workshop, she provided valuable tools for finding and maintaining productive mentor relationships. Many were so empowered by Beverley’s insight they began their search for a mentor before the summit was even over!” (A. Smith, April 26, 2012) Amanda Smith 2012 Summit Committee Co-Chair YWCA of Lubbock” May 8, 2012

Amanda Smith
YWCA of Lubbock

Beverley is focused on supporting clients that desire to design lives of choice and intention by their definition of success. Here is a sample of their comments on the coaching partnership with Coach Bev: “Often I would not see the wisdom in your coaching until I tried it. And time and time again, you led me down the right path. I cannot tell you how much you have meant to me in my professional growth and would absolutely not have achieved the goals that I have had it not been for those coaching conversations. Your patience and understanding have changed me professionally and personally.

Sales Executive - Technology Company

Beverley is a great listener, very perceptive and has the ability to have the recipient identify paths and choices that one would not have been able to find on their own. On a personal basis, through her coaching, I have been able to have clarity around my life’s goals, objectives and results. She has made a difference in my life and will be a great influencer as she shares her skills with others.” I would highly recommend Beverley as coach for anyone wanting to tap into their inner skills, strengths, and values.

VP Customer Care Tele-web Center - Technology Industry

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