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Individual & Group Coaching

As a high-achieving professional, your career is likely on a path toward success. Working with Coach Bev and The Wright Choice Group is the surefire way to surpass your goals with purpose and bring a team-focused perspective to your job. 

Set yourself apart as you define the core values that make you unique. As part of your coaching experience, you will develop a plan through thorough self-assessment. From there, you will build the character and sharpen the skills required to act on the ambitious journey Coach Bev will help you define.

Leadership Development

Take charge of the next stage of your career and prepare yourself for leadership. Develop and strengthen the skills needed to manage a successful team and position yourself as a problem-solver. Coach Bev has decades of experience as an industry expert who was responsible for developing thousands of leaders. 

As a client of The Wright Choice Group’s leadership development program, you will hone problem-solving and strategic thinking; analysis and assessment capabilities; quarterly, annual and long-term planning; and prioritization and mission-driven perspective.

Ensuring the best candidates are hired, developed and promoted challenges even the best human resources teams. Coach Bev has had the privilege of welcoming and shaping some of the most talented professionals, and she brings her knowledge to the Talent Management service she provides for her coaching clients. 

Wright Choice Group helps clients organize processes and procedures that allow a company to quickly and adequately assess the potential of a candidate and determine if they are the right fit not only for a specific role but also the culture of an organization and the long-term goals of the company and the candidate.

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Meet Coach Bev

Inspiring. Empowering. Wise. Practical.

Dedicated and driven are two words to describe the personality of those who succeed as clients of The Wright Choice Group. Coach Bev Wright facilitates growth for passionate, people-centered professionals who are seeking to become purposeful leaders and better cultivate high performing teams. 

Coach Bev’s programs are based on her decades of training and execution in leadership development at a Fortune 50 company. The thousands of men and women who excelled under her guidance had a central mantra: Return on people = Return on investment. Now as the owner of The Wright Choice Group, Coach Bev coaches her clients to find their personal and professional best selves, ultimately leading to a ripple effect of improvement in work and life integration.

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"ROP (Return On People), increases Your ROI (return on investment)"

– Coach Bev

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