Helps you to maximize your full potential, strengthen your leadership skills, learn to better navigate the contemporary business world, attain work and personal objectives, design and clarify one’s own vision, and intentionally create a positive leadership climate. These are just a few of the many goals attained by clients who invest in Wright Choice Group’s Individual coaching program.

Additional benefits include:

Gaining practical tools for individuals striving to lead and live with increased effectiveness amidst the demands of the 21st century.

Introductory phone session

Development of a coaching plan tailored to your specific needs.

Formal and informal assessments of your strengths and core values.

Leadership skills development to increase your effectiveness and productivity.

Coaching sessions tailored to strengthening individual areas were you want focus, such as:

Creating and enrolling others in your vision

Goal setting



Identify how to build trusting relationships.

Strengthen better business skills.

Build corporate and practical life skills.

Strategies to help you live with intention and integrity.

Define vision for professional and personal success.


Bringing teams together to create a group dynamic that augments you “Return on People” (ROP). ROP is Coach Bev’s signature course that she offers in group coaching sessions. Group coaching consists of co-horts, multiple level leadership teams, c-suite groups, executive/management teams, as well as all levels of business coaching groups. Each group or cohort can be customized to meet specific business goals.

Sessions include:

Introductory meeting to explore and clarify the options available fromWright Choice Group for your individual participation in a group or company group coaching cohort

Development of a coaching program plan tailored to your company’s.

and participant’s needs

Formal and informal assessments of the individual group participants

or company formal team members.

Leadership skills training for groups and individuals

Coaching sessions tailored to strengthening areas such as vision, goals, communication, engagement, motivation, trust, and team building skills

Entrepreneurship / business coaching

You will clarify vision, set strategic goals, and create actionable plans to achieve those goals. You will develop personal and business skills to help in overcoming challenges to grow your business. You will also gain clarity for leading a startup as well as resilience, adaptability, and effective communication. You will also discover ways to overcome growing pains, retain clients, relationships, and employees as well as the value of creating a people centered culture that effectively manages customers, clients, and associates, and business goals.


Leadership development coaching is to help leaders become more effective in their roles, which can improve communication skills, increase emotional intelligence, foster better team dynamics, and learn how to navigate organizational change. In addition, you will partner with your coach to organize personal and professional goals as well as the goals for your role within your company. Through this process, leaders will gain a deeper understanding of their impact on others, learn new behaviors and strategies, and ultimately drive their organizations success.


Wright Coach Group membership coaching is a member coaching platform that allows members to participate in multiple coaching tools at a self-directed, selfguided pace. Each module is designed to guide the member through the experience at a self-led pace. Members have access to multiple training modules that help build skills in leadership, career development, communication, coaching growing companies, strategic planning, high performing teams, and much more.


I have known Beverley for several years and have worked with her in different community initiatives. Her ability to not only strategize in a visionary manner but also to make sure that what her team promises is delivered has been an inspiration to all of us that have had the honor of working with her. She is a persuasive communicator because she knows her audience, can identify with them and speaks from the heart. It is my priviledge to recommend Beverley.”